Three Wishes Slots

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Three Wishes Slots is probably the most popular of all of the betsoft games out there right now. It offers slots play at it's very best.

The fact that the game has become so famous without even having a huge brand name to back it up is proof that a good game. Of course, when it comes to the crunch, the way a game plays is the most important thing about any slot machine.

Free Three Wishes Slots

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Three Wishes Slots

With a great sound track in the background running throughout the game, you are taken into the mysterious world of the middle east.

Themes include flying carpets, globes that represent travel and gems. Also, you will find a very cute monkey character that appears along the way as you travel and explore the strange new mysterious world that is Three Wishes slots

Also, you will find magic lanterns, snakes that need to be charmed and camels that have a cute comical character. Add to that belly dancers and magic lanterns and you have the perfect recipe for a real hit of an online slot


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Three Wishes Slots Bonuses

As far as three wishes slots bonus features go, there are plenty of them

There is a flying carpet bonus which gives you instant bonus credits, a jumping monkey bonus where the cute little guys dances around the screen delivering bonuses along the way and also a treasure chest bonus that can result in very lucrative free spins wins.




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