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As a classic book and hit movie, The Magnificent Seven is a legend in the Western genre. A lot of players love Magnificent 7 slots for the tension, the excitement and the passion involved. All this is set against a glorious background of the Wild West.

We were really excited to find out we would be getting a free version of Magnificent 7 slots and it does not disappoint.

Free The Magnificent Seven Slots

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Magnificent Seven Bonuses

If you get a shooting cowboy on reels 1 and 5 during any spin, you get to play the Bandit Showdown bonus round in Magnificent Seven slots.

During the bonus on Magnificent Seven slots, you get to play a shootout. The number of hits you manage will give you real cash bonus money. In this bonus round, you can win 105x your original wager, so it's a pretty big potential win, if not massive.

There is also a free spin bonus round, which might not have the same fun as the main bonus, but it can, in fact, add up to more prize money. So don't be disappointed when this one hits instead of the main bonus, it may well be a big one.

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