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Wonder 4 Slots Video - Big Bonus Win

One of the biggest successes over the past 5 years has been the Wonder 4 slots. They took a while for people to start to get used to them (the cost per spin is huge, with the minimum bet), but now they are incredibly popular everywhere

Here is a video of the Wonder 4 slot, showing a bonus win

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Real Money Wonder 4 Slots

Although the Wonder 4 slots are not yet available online, you can play for real money at just about any land-based casino in the US. All the casinos I have been to over the past 5 years have featured this style of game and there seem to be more and more of them appearing every year!

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Becoming More Popular Every Year

Since their introduction, the Wonder-4 series have grown and grown. More games are becoming available and bigger and better curved screens are being introduced.

The new screens do actually make a big positive difference to the playing experience, because the latest boxes have crystal clear screens. This makes the game less tiring to play, whereas the old fuzzy screens could make the eyes hurt a little bit at times.

It's also great to see new games arriving. Including some of the new leprechaun games and Miss Kitty Deluxe, as well as the old classics like Buffalo still being there.



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