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The first few times I played Wicked Winnings, it was the 3rd version. I don't know how I had missed it before, but now I have played them all and think they all have their own individual appeal and charm.

The latest version is very, very volatile. You can go for ages without winning, but then hit a big win. Now, when I say "BIG WIN", I am not kidding. The top line on Wicked Winnings III pays out $80 even on 1 cent per line!

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Wicked Winnings Slots

Wicked Winnings is an absolute legend in Las Vegas and in fact, all over the world. I have seen this game in the Caribbean and Canada and noticed that lots of people were playing.

I also heard that the game is massively popular in Australia and New Zealand. That is no surprise, because the makers of the Wicked Winnings slot game are based in Australia and so know the market well.

Personally I have never been to those parts of the world, but I would love to visit one day and one of the things I want to do is visit the casinos to play the games and meet the real people, see how they like to play casino slots for real money and gamble on the slot machines.

As mentioned before, one of the biggest things about Wicked Winnings is the fact it is so volatile and you can get such big wins on penny play. At the same time, as you would expect, you can also lose big too.

Here is a photo of my best win on Wicked Winnings:

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