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Tiki Torch has made quite a big comeback recently in Las Vegas. This might be because it is one of the most simple games out there and so an upgrade would make it an exciting addition for fans, with better sound, graphics and more fun in the bonus rounds.

The thing I really like about Tiki torch is that you can play max bet for a relatively small amount, because there are only 20 pay-lines. Although I prefer the newer 243 pay-line slots, it makes a change to play a simple game like this on occasions

Free Tiki Torch Slots

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Tiki Torch Slots Real Money

The real money Tiki Torch slot game can be found in most Vegas casinos and actually, most USA casinos I have ever been to.

I'm not quite sure why this game has survived the test of time and you can still play for cash in casinos around the country, whereas other games have disappeared, but I am glad it is still around.


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Bonus Round in Tiki Torch

If you get 5 Tiki Torch symbols in a row, you get a whopping $25 for the win. That is huge!

That said, I have been caught out a couple of times when I thought I got 5 in a row, but then realised I am not playing a 'Reel Power' game with 243 pay-lines, but am playing a slot with just 20 pay-lines, so what I thought was a win, was in fact, not.

During the bonus game, you get 8 free spins, but also, a lot fot eh symbols are replaced with Tiki Torch symbols, so you get a much bigger chance of hitting those $25 wins.