The Sopranos Slots

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Here, we have a free (desktop) version of this really nice video slot based on the original Sopranos series. No deposit or sign-up, or email required.

This Sopranos slot machine is very popular with our visitors and I guess it must be especially popular with fans of the TV series.

The game is a standard 5 reel video slot, but it is a good one and very playable. Overall, Sopranos slots is well worth playing, with nice bonus features and really cool video clips from the movies.

Free Sopranos Slots

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When you first load up The Sopranos slots, you will immediately be struck by the atmosphere the game creates, with the background sounds especially. The chords are taken straight from the TV series and make for a dark, eerie feel.

The timing and attention to detail in the game is pretty stunning.

When you spin the reels, they come in nice and quickly, but if you have hit two of the three bonus symbols, you find that they prolong the reel spin to get the adrenalin going - this relatively simple thing is standard in the best slots, but still doesn't happen in many online games, which is hard to understand.


Bonuses - lots of them!

Something I love about The Sopranos slots, is that there are many bonuses. Firstly, there is a standard free spin bonus. Well, I say standard, but it's actually a good one and well worth playing to try and trigger it.

You also get another 3 bonuses, which keeps the game really interesting. There is a 'raid bonus', a 'stolen goods bonus' and most importantly, a 'badda ging!' bonus - that's the one you really what to hit.

To play for real money, you will need to find a good Playtech casino. That means that if you live in the US, you will not find it, but you can play it here for free.




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