Runaway Train Slots

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The Runaway Train slot machine is like one of those games you used to get in UK seaside amusement arcades. You also used to get this type of game in the US, but you won't find anything like this in Vegas these days.

The basic theme is of a classic 3 reel slot machine. It has a very different feel from modern 3 reel games though. So, it could make a refreshing change from playing games like Wheel of Fortune and Double Diamond

Free Runaway Train Slots

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Runaway Train Slot Machine

Although there is nothing really completely unique about Runaway Train in the way it plays (it's a standard 3 reel slot machine), it has a lot of fans.

Judging by the number of people playing it here, there are a lot of steam train slot machine fanatics out there!


Something a Bit Different

Having played the game for a while, I would say that Runaway Train is by no means a favorite, but it does have something about it. It provides something a bit different in a world where many slots just get released as identical to previous versions made by the same company (i.e. they just change the symbols and call it a 'new' game)

If you are a fan of the real money slots in Las Vegas, that also have three reels (like Double Diamond and Wheel of Fortune) you might like to check this game out and see if the Train theme is for you




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