Joker 8,000 Slots

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The Joker 8000 Fruit machine is an old-style slot game that you would traditionally find in cafes and ars all over Europe. I have seen this type of games in a lot of cafes in Italy and France.

The Joker 8000 slot machine game is quite different from games in Vegas like Double Diamond, despite the fact they are both 3 reels and it is completely different from modern Vegas video slots, like Cleopatra.

Free Joker 8000 Slots

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Joker 8000 Slot Machine

I remember playing games like Jackpot 8000 back in the day when taking a trip to the seaside in the UK - all of the amusement arcades had games like this.

If you head somewhere like Blackpool or Brighton, you might still find these games. I have also heard that these games are huge in countries like Norway and Sweden, where they love them almost over any other type of slots game.

However, if you head to a modern UK casino (like Grosvenor) then you will not see this type of game any more - you are much more likely to see video slots from Novomatic or IGT there.


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If you really really want to play Joker 8,000 online for real money, where should you go to play? Well, that's a pretty tricky question, because you certainly won't see it in the USA or Canada, whether you look online or at your local land-based casino.

You might see this game if you go to an old-fashioned gaming establishment, like something that feels like it from around 50 years ago!




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