Firestorm 7 Slots

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The Firestorm 7 slot machine is a really interesting one, in that it combines new and old very well. Thee 'old' aspect is that it is a 3 reel game, with 7s and Bars, but there is 'new' too, with bonus features.

In this game you have to collect red tanks to build up free spins - it's a nice twist to a classic game, where you combine play that we all know and love with a new twist that makes it much more fun to play

Free Firestorm 7 Slots

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Firestorm 7 Slot Machine

The Firestorm game is pretty unique in many ways and is loved by a generation of fans that grew up with 3 reel slots games as their favorites. The novel game play, with the explosions and fires makes it pretty exciting at times.


Free Spins Bonus - Pretty Cool... and Hot!

Unlike a lot of new 3-reel slots out there, this one does a really great job at creating some atmosphere. The free spin bonus exemplifies that effort, where you get some great graphics and sounds to create a tension and feeling of suspense that is unusual for a classic slots game.

I love the way the flames appear and get bigger and bigger during the free spin bonus, as the award starts to mount up.

It is well worth persevering with the game in free play just to see the bonus game at least once before you move onto the next one




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