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The original Reel King slot machine (technically, called a fruit machine, according to the makers) was and still is, one of the biggest hits in European casinos for many years.

This game, 4 Reel Kings, give you four times the fun. It combines 4 slot machines all in one and you play them in turn. I never managed to figure out if you can play all four at the same time though...

Free Four Reel King Slot Machine Game

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4 Reel Kings Slot Machine

This Four Reel King slot took me a while to figure out, because I couldn't understand how to trigger the bonus game. With most slots, this is really clear - usually you need to get 3 bonus symbols on the screen to start the bonus game, but not with this one.

With this game, the bonus seems to be based on sounds. When the reels come in, you sometimes hear a chiming sound as each reel lands. If you hear 5 chimes (one from each reel) you get the bonus.

The bonus sees a new reel with a cartoon character open up. It is a classic 3 reel slot machine and you keep spinning it until you hit a losing play. You can keep spinning and winning loads of times, so it is possible to get some very big prizes at this stage.

There is another bonus, which relates to the big sign at the top of the screen. This one is really tough to hit and you get it is all the letters on the sign light up. A bit like hitting the bonus on old fashioned UK fruit machines that you find in pubs and arcades.

I have actually never hit this bonus, but from asking players, it seems it is the same as the first one, just a different way to trigger it.


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The cash play version of this slot machine is generally only available to players in Europe at the moment. You can find an online casino to play for real money using our listings - all the casinos are world-class, so you can be assured a safe and enjoyable game.

The other option is to visit your local casino. If you are in the UK, Germany or France, or many other European countries, you might find 4 Reel King at you local casino





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