White Orchid Slots

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White Orchid is one of most popular and most loved free online slots. The game is also massively popular in casinos across the world. It is particularly popular in the UK and Ireland as well as the casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The game has 1024 pay-lines, which means that you can win on any possible pay-line that exists. This is still relatively rare for 6x4 slot games like this one and must be one of the reasons why White Orchid is so popular.

Free White Orchid Slots

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Game Play

Something that not many people realise, but makes a huge difference to how much fun a game is when you play it, is timing. That is, the speed at which the reels come in and land. Too fast and the anticipation is lost, too slow and the game becomes dull and boring. I have to say, White Orchid gets the timing spot on and every spin gives that excitement, but without ever becoming boring.


Bonus Round

The White Orchid slots bonus round is a free spin game and is the best part of the experience. The bonus game offers players richer reels (more chances to win, because there are more high-value symbols) and so you can get some very nice payouts when you play.



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