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Van Helsing is a Colossal Reels game made by WMS Gaming. Seems that WMS are now producing a few 'dark' slots - games that challenge all of the senses and create an almost spooky, scary experience.

Van Helsing is one of those slots. More than that, it is unlike any of the slots that have come before it - with two slots on one screen, the second set of reels is unbelievably massive.

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Van Helsing Slots in Vegas

As part of the WMS Colossal Reels range of real money online slots, you will often see this game next to Lil Red, Forbidden Dragon and Spartacus slots.

All of the games in this series so far share the big reels and quite a few features, but they are also unique, especially in the way the bonus game plays.

All of the bonus games in the Colossal Reels games involve free spins, but they differ in the way the free spins plays. Some focus on extra wild, other on expanding wilds, transferred wild from screen one to screen 2 and others still, on multipliers.

As well as our Van Helsing slots review, we have several others in this range of games made by MWS too. For example, from the first series (the 'dark' colossal reels games, with their horror-style themes) like the Forbidden Dragons and Lil Red Slots as well as Spartacus Slots.

Hot on the heels of the first series, which were quite dark in their nature, the second series of colossal reels slots saw a different style in theme. The second series have much cuter, more accessible graphics and sounds, like Colossal Wizards, the excellent Giants Gold slots and a nice addition in Towers of The Temple.

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The version we have here is actually a pretty good emulation of the game you would play in Vegas. This is quite some achievement, considering how big the reels are. I think it helps if you have played the game before in a real bricks and mortar casino, because it takes you right back to those playing days.



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