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Tigers Realm 2 is not your standard video slot. One of the first things you might notice about Tiger's Realm II is that it has 6 reels, rather than the classic 5 reels. The addition of the extra reel compared to regular slots makes a huge difference to the way the game plays.

Tiger's Realm is a truly high-risk slot machine, paying out very little for long periods of time, then once in a while giving out a massive payout.

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Tigers Realm - A High-Risk Slot Machine

The reason for the high volatility is because the slot gives you every single winning line combination possible - a total of more than 4,000 lines in total.

So, if you were to get 4,000 lines paying out at the same time (it is possible, like winning the lottery is), then you could be looking at a possible win of $10,000 on a 40 cent spin.

Of course, the chances of that happening are slim, but the machine needs to hold back a lot of money to have the cash to pay those one in a million wins.


Tigers Realm 2 Slot Machine

To get a win of any size in Tiger's Realm, you really need to hit one of the feature symbols on the 6th reel. These are the Awesome Burst feature and the Awesome Re-spin feature.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating thing about Tiger's Realm is that it is very common for the bonus round (the free spins) to pay out nothing at all. Just looking at other players, this quite often makes people leave the machine immediately.

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Playing Tigers Realm in Vegas is always fun. I love the bonus round, with the re-spins. It's just a shame that it is not in more casinos. Hopefully the game gets a makeover and relaunch, because it really is a fun slot and I'd love to see it more often.



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