Sex and the City Slots

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This is a 4 in 1 slot machine and it is also high variance, meaning you can go through long periods of playing without any big wins. But, when it does pay out it can pay out big time.

The minimum bet to play one of the games is set at 50 cents to play all the lines and to play all 4 screens at the same time (to get maximum adrenaline rushes), you will need to splash out two dollars per spin.

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Sex and The City Slots

Possibly the biggest hit in Vegas right now and certainly just about the biggest hit for IGT in 2010, Sex and The City slots is sure to be one of the most popular games all the way through 2011 and into 2012.

Being a 4 in 1 slots, to get a really good playing session many players are finding they need a couple of hundred bucks to ensure they get a good long game and a chance to win something. Seems that has not put players off, because even now the game has been out a while it is very difficult to get a seat at the slot.


Is Playing this Game a Great Way to Get a Date?

Something that has been noticed is that a surprising number of males players play this game. Although most of the players are women, many men have been finding this a perfect place to find single women. Simply set yourself up at the seat next to a player you like the look of, wait for that bonus round and then engage in conversation about the game. Very metrosexual!

One of the downsides of the game, is that you need a pretty big bankroll to guarantee playing for any length of time. Especially with the 4 screen version taking a minimum of $2 each time you spin the reels. It's almost a high limit slot disguised as a penny slot, in a way. Of course, you could just put $10 in, see if you hit a big win at the beginning and play with that thereafter. If you lose the $10, just move on to a cheaper game.



Sex and The City Slots Bonus Games

One of the best things about this new game, is there is so much to discover and so many interesting and different bonus games to try out. Each of the main characters seems to have their own bonus game and also there are games that feature Mr Big. Of course some games involve shopping and the better the shoes the better the win


Where to find Sex and The City Slots

If you are lucky enough to get yourself over to Las Vegas, you will be able to find this game in most of the big casinos now

Visitors to casinos in some other regions are not so lucky yet. most casinos in the UK do not yet have this game in 2011 and it seems there are no plans to get the game in (these large games take up a lot of floor space and so it could be a simple problem of getting them into the casinos?).

Other areas also do not have the slot yet either. For example the largest casino in The Caribbean, which can be found at The Atlantis, on Paradise Island does not have the game. Neither does the casino in Nassau, or Grand Bahama.

Of course, you can always phone the casinos and request the game to be added to their list - you never know, if enough people ask, you might just get...

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