Playboy Slots

Play Free Playboy Slots and Find an Online Casino to Play Real Money

The Playboy slot machine, made by Bally, is a really cool game to play and even if the brand is not your favorite, it is worth playing for the unique features and gameplay that you will generally not find in other slots in Las Vegas.

If playboy bunnies are your thing though, then you will win twice on this game - great gameplay and the bunnies you crave! We can't guarantee you to win any cash (who can?), but the game is definitely worth a spin.

Free Playboy Slots

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Playboy Slot Machine Game

When you first play this Playboy slot machine game, you will notice straight away that there are wild falling from the sky. When the game was launched, this was totally innovative and for me, it is still the best execution of this feature I have seen.

I love the anticipation and adrenalin when you get a big block of wilds faling and landing on the screen, filling up big blocks.

When you play the bonus game, there are even more chances for Wilds and you will get multipliers too. Its a wonderful game to play.


Playboy Slots Online

The online slot is different in some ways, to the original real money slot in Las Vegas, but it keeps all of the best parts, so you will not be disappointed. Most importantly ,it has got those wild symbols falling from the sky.

It probably looks better with the two screens on the Vegas version, but this one is pretty darned good indeed. Even better, this version of Playboy slots is totally free and you do not need to register to play


Playboy Slots Real Money

The real money slots version of playboy is available in some online casinos, although not many. The news that will disappoint many people though, is that it is only available for real money play in certain places.

You can play the Playboy slot machine for real money if you live in the UK (due to the excellent UK online casino regulations) and also New Jersey. People that live in NJ can play at all the AC casinos online, whenever they want.



Playboy Slots in Las Vegas

In Vegas, I have played the Playboy slot machine for real money in the MGM Grand and also in NY Ny and also in Harrah's. It is in most casinos though, so you do not need to travel too far to find it. Just ask an attendant, if you are not sure.




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