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Lone Wolf first hit the casinos in 2012 and is one a series of slot machine games referred to as 'Awesome Reels' range. These games are similar to G+ games in many ways, but also very different too.

If you love high-risk high-reward games, then this is one of the best games out there for you, but if you like to get a lot of play for your money in terms of spins per dollar, this game would not be for you.

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Lone Wolf Slots Volatility

Although it was released early summer 2012, Lone Wolf took a while to start to hit the casinos in Las Vegas. One of the reasons might be that the high volatility was putting players off. It is very common to play this game, hit the free spins bonus and get absolutely nothing back in return.

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On my first day playing Lone Wolf slots, I hit the bonus 4 times (having put $200 in, playing 40 cents per spin). On average, I got a single bonus round for every $50 put in. My pay-outs on these free spins were 0, 90 cents, 15 cents and 40 cents. So, this game can be pretty frustrating, putting it mildly.

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