Fire Queen Slots

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Fire Queen is a really fun game made by WMS, but it is also quite volatile. So, you could go for age without winning, but when you do win big, it can be worth the wait. I've seen some huge wins on this game, of close to 500x the original bet.

It is quite a difficult game to describe, because it is so different from the classic 5x3 or 5x4 slot machine games that are most common in casinos. Instead, there are two boxes of 4 symbols and then a long stack of symbols that make up the next three rows.

The easiest way to understand is to play the free game we have!

Fire Queen Slots

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Fire Queen Slot Machine Game

When you first start to play Fire Queen, the first thing you notice is the atmosphere that it creates with the background sound effects. It's almost mysterious and a little bit eerie in the way it makes you feel when you first start to play.


Fire Queen Slots Online

The online version of the Fire Queen game seems to be almost identical in every way to the original casino slot, as far as I can see. The free game, as well as the real money version, should work on both desktop computers (and laptop) as well as mobile (iPad, Android, iPhone etc).


Fire Queen Slots Real Money Casinos

In Vegas, I have seen Fire Queen pretty much everywhere, although it is not quite as popular as it used to be.

The game is very similar in format, looks and style to Dean Martin slots and also, to one of the Elvis games. Overall, I think I have seen around 5 or 6 very similar games to this one. All with 100 pay-lines.

Usually when I play in a casino, I set myself around $20 and once it's gone I move to a different game. The cash can go so quickly with this one that I only play for an extended time if I get a win quick.




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