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The Big Vegas slots game is an interesting one because it is a massive hit both in the Las Vegas casinos and also online, despite the fact it was released in both places around the same time. This tells you that it is a genuinely good game.

The big thing about this Big Vegas slot machine that I really love is the fact that it has locking wilds in the bonus game. Generally this is my favourite feature in any slot machine bonus round, but this is a particularly good one.

Free Big Vegas Slots

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Big Vegas Slot Machine Game

To start with, this looks like regular 5 reel slot game, with some familiar graphics and sound effects, but it really does have some nice features that make it stand out from other Bally titles.

When you first hear the game, you will notice that the sound and music is very much like quite a few other Bally games. I can’t remember when I first heard these sounds, but it might have been Jewel in the Dragon. It’s pretty compelling stuff and actually adds to the excitement in some ways, to hear familiar sounds that you might have enjoyed in other games, but with a twist.


Bonus Game

Really love the bonus round on this one. At first sight, it looks like a regular free spin bonus round, but it is much more than that. Firstly, the screen changes, so that you get a completely new look and feel to the game. Then you get some really cool, old-style Vegas music coming in (thinking about the Sinatra days music). This sets a great atmosphere, for a lovely bonus round.

Last time I played, for my bonus, I got 5 free spins. This might not sound like a lot, but it turned out to be huge. The great thing about the bonus here, is that it includes sticky wilds. Every time you hit a ‘Wild’ symbol in the middle row, with a roulette wheel on it, it spits out at least one sticky wild. This can make it so that you get a 5-in-a-row win on every single spin, if you are really lucky.

Note: the game calls these wild symbols ‘Directional Locking Wilds’ but to me, I still call them ‘sticky’ wilds :)

As it happens, that was exactly the position I found myself in and I ended up getting myself a huge win from my 5 free spins bonus.




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