Free Slots Apps

Apps are a great way to play free slots on a phone or tablet. because they are designed for mobile.

Out of all the Vegas slots apps out there, two of them stand out head and shoulders above the rest. These are Slotomania and Vegas World.

1 - Slotomania

If you have heard about a great slots app, it is probably Slotomania. And that's for a very good reason - it has absolutely amazing free slots games.

A lot of players are rating the Slotomania games as even better than the ones in Vegas.

Slotomania is a superb game for mobile devices and is especially good on Apple and Android phones and tablets.

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As you have probably already played at Slotomania, rather than discuss it in any great detail, it might be more interesting to look at the best new app out there, called Vegas World.

2 - Vegas World

The Vegas World app is a wonderful alternative to Slotomania, if you are looking for something that is brand new and something that is a bit different.

Like Slotomania, the main focus at Vegas World is slots, but this app is totally different and has a much more social way of playing. It is much more like being in Vegas.

For a start, you get to create your own character and also, you can socialise with other people that are playing the game, if you would like to (or not, if you prefer not to).

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In Vegas World, there is so much more than the (excellent) slots. You have your own Vegas apartment, you can go to parties, a swimming pool and lots of other venues where you can make real friends that have a shared interest in slots and gaming.

Here's something I found amazing and pretty cute - there are now quite a few people that have met through Vegas World have actually gone on to become real life friends. Some people that met on Vegas World have dated and some have even get married in real life!

One fun thing about Vegas world is that people in the game can buy each other slots credits, drinks and various gifts within the game.

On my first ever play, about half an hour in, somebody bought me a 'lucky charm'. This was was really great because it gave me loads of extra slots play to enjoy.

To get the most of out Vegas World, you will need to spend some time to create a great character and get to know the game. This might take a little while, but it is fun in itself and boy is it worth it.

The more I play, the more I love Vegas World as an alternative to the free real Vegas slots we have on our site here, like Cleopatra and DaVinci Diamonds.

Real Money Casino Apps

Another option and one of the the most overlooked places to play free slots are the real money casinos.

A lot of people don't realise that real money casinos offer all of their games for free. You would never get this in Vegas, but online, or on mobile, all the casinos offer unlimited free slots.

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Free Slots on Mobile

As well as Apps and real money casinos, you will probably have noticed that our site also has free games. The great thing about ours, is that we offer the exact same games you would play in Vegas.

So, you can play classics like Cleopatra, Wheel of Fortune, double Diamond, DaVinci Diamonds and Golden Goddess for Free here.

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Other Apps

As mentioned, there loads of free apps out there, but we have only listed the best of the best.

Many of the older apps have poor quality games, or they are too aggressive with their marketing, so it's not much fun to play.

That said, we've been talking with some of the big casinos and the new apps that they will be releasing soon look absolutely amazing. We can't give the game away yet, but once they are released, we will add them to our list here. So please make a point to come back here soon, we've been promised that we will be the first to be able to list these great new apps.

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